For The Love of Ombrè {And Mid Century Modern} -

Today’s post is one giant love fest. For the love of ombrè and for the love of mid century modern!

Remember this recent find?

I was feeling like I needed to take a dive into the color pool. I’m in love with white. White, grey, beige, greige. Yeah, I’m Mrs. Neutral… but I knew I was planning to sell this piece so I wanted to take a chance… Change things up.

Go bold or go home!

Warning! You may want to put on some sunglasses ;)

BAM! Did your eyes just explode from the awesomeness that is this green?

The frame is Behr – Chlorophyll. I swear. I couldn’t make that up.

How many of you just thought of this?

Yes, I am a child of the Adam Sandler era and Billy Madison was a staple.

This dresser was meant to be a statement piece. It has too many sharp lines and modern accents to be something boring and white. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted it to be white soooooo badly but I knew that I needed to work on my creativity and keep you guys guessing. So I put my head together with my Bloggy Bestie Jacque from The DIY Village to come up with a plan. She immediately said “OMG OMBRE!” to which I said “BUT WHAT ABOUT STRIPES?” to which she said “SERIOUSLY OMBRE!” to which I said “WHAT ABOUT GREEN AND WHITE?” to which she said “I LIKE THAT!” We don’t actually yell at each other, it’s the best way I know how to express excitement via text :) I drove my little self right over to Home Depot and bought a quart of Semi Gloss Chlorophyll and a Quart of Semi Gloss White. It was sometime around that day that I started not feeling so well. So the dresser sat in my entryway for a week, half painted and looking particularly uninspiring. The more I looked at it the more I thought Jacque was right. It needed ombre!

I had a couple of challenges. The top was made of formica and had to be sanded before it could be primed. The original finish was bleeding through the two coats of primer (yeesh!) and the hardware was looking pretty rough upon further inspection. It also had a weebly leg in the front which I glued and reglued to make sure it wasn’t going to ever be a problem again!

I addressed the hardware issue by simply repainting them using Krylon Premium Spray Paint. This stuff is a lot more expensive than normal spray paint but they sell it at Hobby Lobby and if you use your 40% online coupon (always available on their website) it’s about the cost of a normal can ~$4.00. The reason I choose to use the more expensive paint is because it lasts and it actually has beautiful realistic metallic finish.

Another problem I had was the frame around the upper drawers made the lower drawers look off balance. To add some symmetry (the brain loves symmetry) to the lower drawers I just taped the edges off and painted a faux green frame on them!

The weebly (weebly is more fun to say than wobbly) leg is no more. The legs on this piece are very delicate so I have to be extra careful when I’m moving it around that I don’t drag it. I like to use those floor mover discs and just slide it around. To get it on the patio I used a dolly.

I love Love LOve LOVE that itty bitty hardware. There are 6 knobs to a drawer! Super modern.

Do you feel the same way about Mid Century Modern (MCM) furniture as I do?

It’s not a look for my own home but I sure do have a fond appreciation for it.

Where would you think a piece like this could go? 4 deep drawers make it pretty versatile!

I’d love to hear what you think!

Please pin your hearts out!!

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  1. WOW Rachel! that is an awesome job :) very inspirational!

  2. Oh Rachel, I am in LOVE! This dresser is stunning, show stopping, total statement piece! Should I continue gushing??? I’m a fond admirer of mid century modern!

  3. Rachel, this is amazing!!! I’ve painted an Ombre dresser once and it was so time consuming. I love yours , it came out so great!
    Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Oh, may I ask how much you are selling this for?

  5. Rachel, this is gorgeous! I love love love the green. And what a smart way to suggest a border around the bottom. So cool.

  6. This turned out fantastic! Love the green.

  7. Love it Rachel! You did a beautiful job, as usual :) It’s funny, I haven’t been a huge fan of the ombre trend, or a lot of MCM pieces, but I’m so in love with your makeover! You’ve converted me :)

  8. Love how this turned out and KUDOS to you for going bold! I tend to be cautious and paint everything white, off white, off off white or black! Occasionally I venture outside my comfort zone (like with my coral nightstand), but usually I stay neutral!

    This is an awesome piece and I bet it sells quickly!!

  9. Wonderful painting! I love it, too:)

  10. love it! the colors on this ombre dresser are so fun!

  11. I’m not a midcentury gal myself, but it is a lovely piece. I may need to add some white pieces in my house because everything is full of color :D Found you on the newbie party at Debbie Doos.

  12. Awesome redo! Considering I am on a green kick lately, I really loved this makeover. Glad I found you on facebook too. Hope you find me, because I am there often chatting and sharing stuff.

  13. Now this is cool! I am featuring it tomorrow on the blog. Thank you so much for linking up to The 36th AVENUE.

  14. I found your site from a dresser you posted on craigslist, and I’m SO glad I did! This dresser is amazing!!! Mid century modern is the best. Are you selling this one??

  15. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    I’m loving mid-century modern too and those colors are awesome!

  16. I love this! You know I love color and I love mid-century modern too. The best of both worlds. You did a great job on that one! It’s beautiful!

  17. Thanks Sharon! I appreciate the feature!! Love your parties!!

  18. I found your blog while googling ombre and BAM! I feel like we’re twins. MCM, infertile, husbands named Doug, love of refurbishing. It’s a little crazy (and even weirder that I was all looking at doing MY MCM dresser in a green ombre too! *twilight zone*).

    Congrats on your pregnancy. I’m a lazy blogger (ten and a half years will do that to you, I guess), but I’ll be stopping by.

  19. Awesome! Thanks for posting! ♥


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