Painted Kitchen Cabinets {The Reveal} -

The day has come my friends.


My kitchen cabinet transformation is complete.

Before I show you the after, let’s take a look at the before.

Waa waaaaa… Gross.

The most majorest hugest worstest problem is that this corner has 0 natural lighting.

It may as well be in a basement.


This is compounded by the fact that the cabinets are the same color as the floor after we got our hardwoods installed. Lame-o. I felt like the boring cabinets detracted from the beauty of the flooring.

Maybe if the cabinets had been a few shades darker I could have lived with them, but the boring on boring was just BOR-ING!

My solution to the problem?

Lights, Paint, WHITE.

Let’s see how I did.

First I painted the countertops using the Rustoleum Countertop Transformations Kit in “Desert Sand”.

Ahh… already 100x lighter and brighter!

Then, because I damaged the wall a bit, I quickly installed a beadboard backsplash using Martha Stewart Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper. I had only intended for this to be a temporary backsplash but it has held up very well perfectly for the abuse it has been surrounded by.

At the same time we also installed a rope light, which refused to stay put.

It was later replaced with Hampton Bay Xenon Under-mount Light Pucks.

I did the same countertop and backsplash treatment to the island/bar.

(This is an awesome example of what I mean about the flooring matching the cabinets.)

Then it was time to paint the cabinets.

(To see my progress day by day click here, here, here, and here.)

I used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit in “Pure White”.

Day 1 was spent mostly setting up a work table for the doors and painting them and the upper base.

I hadn’t touched the bottom section at all. After I spent an entire day working on this project in January, it got sidelined and remained this way for 3 months. Yup. Just like this. Half white, no doors. Perfect.


3 months later… We’re back on track. I finished the cabinet doors (all that would fit on my work table at one time) and rehung them. I also removed all the lower doors and primed the base cabinets and painted the back of the lower cabinet doors.

Day 3 I finished painting the cabinet doors, but they still needed time to dry.

Then I had this grand plan to build out the wimpy contractors island/bar (I don’t think I’ll ever know what to call it) with some chunky moulding (1×4) to give it a board & batten appearance.

I have board & batten treatments in the dining room and entryway, which are both visible from the kitchen. Cohesiveness people!

Day 4 I completed the corner section of the kitchen. Now both upper and lower cabinets are primed, painted, sealed. Finished! Almost. I still have to finish the island/bar. Ugh!

Day 5 I installed corbels, and primed the entire island/bar with 2 coats.

I could have finished it this day, but I was being lazy ;)

Day 6 I finished painting the bar, sealed it, and cleaned up :)

And there you have it!


Total Renovations Cost Breakdown:

Small Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Kit  - $80

Small Rustoleum Countertop Transformations Kit (x2) – $131/ea – $262

Lumber for bar moulding – $47

Corbels (x5) – $7/ea – $35

1 roll Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper – $22

Xenon Undermount Lighting System – $30

1 can Zinsser Oil Based Primer (on hand) – FREE

Total Cost of Kitchen Renovations = ~ $476


There you have it.

For less than $500 I transformed my “cave” kitchen into my dream kitchen.

This is the cave corner. Not so cave-y anymore!

So fresh and clean!

The barstools really pop from the white, but I still might paint them a satin brown instead of black.

Nice and bright :)


You can see here the end of the cabinets with the new moulding (1×4).

This corner used to  creep me out. It would get so dark that at night I would have to put a nightlight under there because it would look like a black vortex.

Now it’s all bright and pretty and it makes me smile :)

Before & Afters

What do you think?

Do you like the changes to the bar?

How about my round rug?

I’m really happy with the way it turned out.


I’m diggin’ the white. 

Like, I just sit in the living room and stare with this big cheesy grin.

I’m in love with my kitchen… what a hottie.


Now, because I have spent literally all day every day for the last 7 days working on painting the kitchen… my house is disgusting. Laundry is piled high. Groceries are non-existent.

Yes, I must check back into reality today.

I hope you all have a very merry Monday!



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Kitchen Makeover Bucket List:

Paint Countertops

Paint Cabinets

Add decorative moulding to ends of cabinets

Add decorative moulding to bar

Find a large round rug

Create Kitchen Art

Make a menu board

Tile Backsplash (to ceiling?)

New Kitchen Towels/Apron

Paint the Kitchen walls (?)

Install Undermount lighting

Install Abovemount (?) lighting

New Soap Dispenser (Organizer)

Freshen up the barstools (new color?)

Get rid of THE CLOUD (chandelier?)

Install recessed lighting

Add another pendant light over the sink

Redo shelving in pantry

Corbels under upper cabinets

Small pillows for barstools


  1. Now, silly me, but I didn’t hate the before … I see the dark issue, but …

    … the after is truly amazing! You had a vision and you followed through and you made it happen and it’s a true wow. As in WOW!

    And love the budget …



  2. I absolutely love it! Everything is so light, bright and beautiful. The flooring stands out now but my favorite has to be the island. The board and batten treatment really looks great. You did a wonderful job!

  3. WOW I so love it. This is on my list for this year too. You gave me so many ideas. Thank you. Your house is beautiful! You did great!

  4. INCREDIBLE! Rachel…your kitchen is just gorgeous! You are most certainly a trooper! Thx for sharing!

  5. Wow – that is fantastic! I have an even darker cave of a kitchen on my list of things to improve… Your kitchen is so inspiring!!

  6. Great job, now your kitchen looks fresh and bright. Well worth the time and effort, congrats.

  7. Wow, I am loving this. Totally digging the white, too, I SO want to paint my cabinets like you did. Love the beadboard backsplash as well, ah-mah-zing. This is super inspiring!

  8. Ohmygoodness!!!! I love it!! All of it! Beautiful job!!!

    Lou Cinda

  9. Glad you got it done! Now you need a new stove and microwave! The black on them really stand out! Don’t feel bad, I have the same “Death Star” stove that seems to demand your attention everytime you walk in to the kitchen………

  10. WOW- this is amazing! So glad that i am following you now! Can’t wait to see what else you cross off that list of yours! :) Great job!


  11. I am SO tempted to paint my cabinets! I love this transformation! Thank you for sharing it at Meet Me Monday! Where did you find that rug?! Love it! Love, Me

  12. they look so amazing! when we are able to redo our kitchen (hopefully next spring) i will be painting cabinets, too. yours look awesome- i love the island!

  13. Woohoo Rachel!!!! This looks fabulous! As if I would expect anything less out of you!!!! My house is next and FYI we have a Brazilian Steakhouse here in Knoxville. You can kill two birds with one stone!!!

    Much Love,

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love this!!! I am in the middle of doing something like this myself.

  15. Love the new white units – it looks fantastic. My favourite part is the new panelling and corbels, what a difference.

  16. Omg- it looks amazing!!! Please come re-do my boyfriends ugly a$% brown formica kitchen! :)

  17. I Love it! It’s gorgeous! I am amazed at how much it is like our kitchen, it made me laugh. We painted our cabinets, used paintable wallpaper, (which we also thought would be temporary) and I just added a few puck lights in over the weekend. Great minds think alike I suppose.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your board and batten idea, and I might have to try it on our peninsula. So glad I found your blog from the elizabeth & co. party! Great Job!

  18. Your kitchen turned out beautiful! It’s amazing what a little white paint and lighting can do! I just painted my cabinets white too! Great job!

  19. Love it!!!! I loved the Before and then I saw the After. You did an Amazing Job!

  20. Wow! Just wow! I would sit back and stare at it too.. it is so beautiful. The board and batten on the bar was brilliant. The colors are so pretty and the backsplash is perfect.
    I love it!

  21. Haha Lisa, I just told the hubs you called it a “death star” and we were both rolling laughing! It’s very true that the black kinda hits you in the face but it’s functional, and for the most part “updated” so we’ll be death star-ing it up for at least a few more years. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. The rug was a TJMaxx find. I thought for sure a natural fiber round rug was going to run me in the hundreds but this was just $50. Can’t beat it and it’s taken a beating! Love your Meet Me Monday Parties. Thanks so much for hosting!

  23. Beautiful transformation! Love the island, love the rug, love it all!! So much hard work and it really paid off ~ gorgeous!!

  24. Wow you are the boss! Wonderful transformation! Wish I would do it to my wood cabinets…but someone else is not on board!…Fabulous!

  25. Amazing transformation! Love it :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  26. This kitchen now says ‘Good Morning!!!’….and what a way to start a day!! Found you over at Gail’s MRL.

  27. I love this!!! Your kitchen turned out beautiful!

  28. I’ve just found your beautiful blog from What’s It Wednesday.
    What an amazing transformation. your kitchen looks fabulous.
    the final result was verymuch worth all the work and elbow grease.

  29. It’s fabulous, a huge difference, love it!!! thanks for linking up to VIF!

  30. Congrats on finishing this task! Painting kitchen cabs is a HUGE project…

  31. Absolutely breathtaking… I think I’m in love with your kitchen as well… Hope you’re not jealous!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I am so in love with this. I agree it was very nice before but the after is WOW! I have been wanting to do this and now I am doing it. I was afraid of the Rustoleaum kits, I just thought it would not work. Wrong again. You did a great job and now I have want I need to work from. Thank you.

  33. I am just starting my cabinets, this is just the push I needed, seeing it all white and light and beautiful! :) Looks gorgeous, great work!

  34. It looks amazing! I also tried out the Cabinet Transformations in my downstairs bathroom – also in white. Great job on your kitchen!

  35. FABULOUS!!! You did quite a makeover and I love it!

    I’ll be featuring this tomorrow at Tell it to Me Tuesday!

    Thanks for sharing!
    –Katie @ Creatively Living

  36. Your kitchen looks fab! I have been wanting to paint mine since the day we moved in this house (nearly 3 years ago) and it is finally going to happen – not today, but soon! I can’t wait.
    Congrats on a job well done!!!

  37. I love the new look of your kitchen! :) I did mine about 18 months ago, and I’m still smiling!

  38. Now that is a total transformation! And it’s gorgeous!

  39. This was the most viewed link at last week’s Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday party – so congrats, and you will be featured tonight! :) Feel free to grab a featured button from my sidebar if you’d like. Oh, and GRRRRRREAT job on the kitchen!!!

  40. Looks Awesome! Always amazing what paint can do!!


  41. Rejoicing with you! Your kitchen looks AMAZING! LOve it all! Thanks for linking up!
    STacey of Embracing Change

  42. This looks amazing! Love the transformation! Why did you decide to use the cabinet kit rather than just paint? I’m trying to make the decision now and would love your input.

  43. Featured you today! Come grab a button!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  44. This is just awesome. I will be featuring this tonight at my Swing into Spring party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

  45. I love this, I mean really love this! What a great job you did!!

  46. Great job!!! It looks terrific :)

  47. So glad you have your dream kitchen now. It is beautiful and the island looks so custom. I also love the circle rug. (-: How did you like using the Rustoleum? I’ve looked at it but might just go with paint. Thanks for the inspiration!

  48. Wow! you did a great job. I am very jealous! I need a kitchen makeover so bad. I used the rustoleum kit on my cabinets but mine did not come out as good as yours! I want to try the beadboard wallpaper too.

  49. Where did you get your woven Rug????????? PLEASE e-mail me

  50. Beautiful simple Gorgeous!

  51. That is a huge transformation! And pretty amazing that you did it all for under $500! I really like the addition of the moulding and corbels to the island – they add a lot of character and give it a custom look. And now that the cabinets are white, your beautiful hardwood floor really shines.

    Enjoy your new kitchen!


  52. I’m thinking about using the cabinet transformation on my dining table. From your experience so far, how do you think it would hold up. Love you pics. Thinking about doing our bathrooms as well!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely love your turnout! Im hoping to build up my nerve to paint our kitchen cabinets. I think i’ll start with our master bath and go from there. Did u use glaze on either you bath or kitchen?

  54. What a difference! This is such a terrific transformation. I love the look of your kitchen and dining room now. Great job!

    I would love to have you join my weekly linky party – Time Travel Thursday. The new link goes up on Wednesday nights and stays up for five days. Others would enjoy your DIY projects, as well. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  55. Beautiful! I’m getting ready to paint my hideous cabinets white as well and I was just looking for a product that would turn out as great as yours. Did you have to sand or prep the cabinets at all? What type of brush/roller did you use?

  56. Nope, no glaze. The bathroom was too dark a color for the glaze to show up and the kitchen I wanted a bright and white as possible!

  57. No sanding, just a deglosser that you scrub the cabinets with. Nothing major just a little elbow grease and certainly less mess than sanding. I used a couple 2″ Purdy brand paint brushes and a lot of patience and it turned out great!

  58. What an inspiring transformation (I’m here via apartment therapy’s write-up, for what its worth)! Did you really only use one of the small cabinet transformation kits? We’ve been thinking about doing that on our builder basic ugly brown cabinets, but the online estimator tool kept telling me we’d need multiple large kits (and our kitchen is NOT large at all)…

  59. I did only use one small kit, however, that was due to the fact that I used primer first. Had I not used the primer I definitely would have needed 3 or more kits to finish a kitchen of my size. I used Floetrol in my primer to reduce brush stroke appearance and it only took 2 coats to get them prepped for the kit! Best of luck!

  60. Anonymous says:

    Great job! I’m looking to paint my cabinets in the same white that you used. May I ask after what step did you apply the primer and what primer did you use? Thanks.

  61. Sbriggs says:

    Looks great!! I have been to home depot everyday for the past 5 days looking at the counter transformation kits. I want to use the same that you used, desert sand. I have an issue in my kitchen though and I’m not sure how it will work. It’s an old 70′s kitchen, and the laminate countertop extends up as my backsplash all the way to my cupboards. I’m not exactly sure how I will spread the decorative chips all the way up the wall evenly. Using this product do you think this is something that I will still be able to use on my ugly white with gold speckled TALL backsplash? They are so ugly but I just can’t afford to buy and install a new tile backsplash right now.

  62. Have you considered something like what I used for my backsplash? I used a textured wallpaper. So far every single person who has come into my kitchen has NO idea it’s not real beadboard until I physically make them touch it… and even then they’re shocked! It’s $20 a roll (I ordered online but I think they have it at Lowe’s) plus paste ($6) that a heck of a lot cheaper than sheets of tile. I want a tile backsplash but it’s just a bigger expense than I’m looking for right now. My suggestion, Prime your laminate backsplash with an oil based white primer, apply paste and wallpaper checking your seams, and you can even paint it after if you like or just leave it white. It’s washable, scrubbable, and paintable and is very inexpensive by comparison. Best of luck! Be sure you stop by my Facebook page and share some After photos!

  63. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  64. Sbriggs says:

    Thanks for the reply, I just ordered the paintable beadboard! I’m so excited to get this all done and to see how it will turn out!

  65. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! What was the reason that you used primer first? Was it just to save money (1-2 kits at $80 each). The kit says that you just need to do 2 coats and no priming is needed. By priming first, it looks like it added additional steps (2 more coats) but it saved some money. Do you think it would have looked just as nice had you just used more kits.

  66. I used the primer because it was taking 6 coats to get the Rustoleum Pure White to be PURE white. It was very streaky and not producing a thick enough coverage to get away with the ’2 coat’ claim the box had. I knew if I did 6 coats on the entire kitchen it was going to cost me a lot more than just the 1 box I used. So yes, for cheap reasons and my sanity (6 coats?!?!) I used 2 coats of primer first. I know I could have achieved the same results using the kits I just didn’t have the patience for it.

  67. That’s an absolutely amazing transformation, especially for under $500! You did a great job painting the cabinets, and I love the trimwork and sisal rug.

  68. Looks wonderful!! So many fabulous details. We used the countertop transformations, too…loved it! May have to try out the cabinet product as well!!


  69. Your kitchen is awesome. I just moved into a house with beautiful cabinets, except the color of wood is almost orange (I have no idea what finish it’s supposed to be…Oak?). I’m looking to paint them white as well.

    The cabinet doors in our kitchen appear to have laminate or veneer surfaces; what are yours? Do you have any experience with painting non-wood cabinet doors? What are yours like, and how’s the paint holding up?

  70. Orange? Eesh, sounds like a bad dye job! Our kitchen is made with solid wood cabinetry. However, my parent’s house has laminate/formica cabinets and they used this system and things are looking great! I am about to go down this weekend and help them refinish their kitchen using this same system since it’s held up so well in their bathrooms. My cabinets are holding up beautifully. I’ve had a couple of instances where I’ve banged something into the frame or doors and cringed only to open my eyes to no damage. Yippee! I’m pretty rough around the kitchen and this product is holding up beautifully!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  71. Rachel,

    I love your blog and especially all of the details you shared when transforming your bath and kitchen cabinets. I have a question about the fumes. Does the product have fumes? We have pet birds that are sensitive to even perfumed candles and are concerned about this issue. Thanks for sharing your life with us! :)

  72. Love this! Just what I need for a little inspiration of my own!

  73. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful!! I’m trying the white kit for my cabinets, too. Wish me luck!

  74. so glad I found your post!! you’re kitchen looks A-MAZ-ZA-ZING!! we just purchased our 1st home and ALL the cabinets are a hot mess, When I stumbled upon the Rustoleum kit I knew it was the perfect solution :) But here is my dilemma, at 1st I was going to choose one of the darker “wood” looking colors/stains but on 2nd thought I’m really liking the white. My question is, When you redid your cabinets did you use the 3rd step with the stain? Or did you choose to skip that step and for a cleaner look?

  75. The Rustoleum Cabinet kit is not very fume-y at all. The countertop kit is only fume-y when you apply the sealant coat at the very end. It can stink up the house pretty quickly but goes away within a few hours as it starts to dry.

  76. Best of luck! Please feel free to share some after photos on my Facebook page!

  77. Thank Kim! I’ll tell you the two reasons I didn’t go dark in my kitchen. 1.) my kitchen is already too dark so that would have just made things worse, 2.) dark shows ALL marks. fingerprints, smudges, dirt, drips, you name it. The white hides (surprisingly) so much better than the dark. I used ‘tudor’ in my bathroom and I’m learning not to be so grabby with the doors bc they smudge. Not the finish, just grubby fingerprints. When I did both the bathroom AND the kitchen I did not use the glaze. However I have used the glaze in furniture restoration projects and it works like a dream. I just wanted to go for the crisp clean look of white. It’s pretty much timeless.

  78. Rita J. says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I absolutely love your kitchen makeover and am in the process of doing one myself. Great Job! I wanted to know what brand of primer you used on your kitchen cabinets

  79. Hi Rachel,

    Your new kitchen is such an inspiration to me! I’m more excited than ever to start my kitchen transformation from natural oak to pure white cabinets like yours. I’m new to DIY projects, but since rustoleum is the only affordable option that’s within our budget, I’m up for the challenge but very nervous about the outcome! I’m also thankful for reading your tip about using primer before rustoleum – would you mind sharing what brand of primer you used? You mentioned mixing Floetrol with the primer as well.

    Thanks very much!

  80. Thank you Irene! I love the way it turned out too! With this Rustoleum system it’s really a job anyone can do. They break it down to goof-proof detail and as long as you follow the steps you’ll do great I just know it! The brand of primer I used is Zinsser Oil Based Primer. You will need a paint brush for oil based paints and mineral spirits to clean them as water will not do the trick. I did use water based Zinsser primer in my parent’s kitchen with the same color kit and it seemed to work just fine as well. When you add the Floetrol be sure to read very carefully and not to add too much to the primer or I’m told it can weaken the primer’s gripping power. Just a tip! Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!

  81. Thank you Rachel your tips are beyond helpful! I’m just about 80% done and the cabinets are looking great. Many thanks for your help!


  82. Go go go Irene! I hope you’ll share with me some of your final photos!!

  83. Just came across your blog and LOVE your new kitchen! We are in the middle of transforming our kitchen using the exact same Rustoleum countertop and cabinet transformation kits. Hopefully ours will look as bright and beautiful as yours! Question: what is your wall color? I am in the process of looking at different possibilities and love yours.

  84. Hey Dana! Thanks for stopping by! The wall color in the kitchen is Harvest Brown by Behr. I love it. It’s a great rich color without being too dark :)

  85. Thanks for the reply! Love your blog and will certainly be stopping by on a regular basis :-)

  86. I am one of your loyal fans who hangs on your every word as to how you actually pull off all these wonderful projects. I have just scanned every post you’ve written about your cabinet makeover to find what you did to elevate all your doors as you paint them. But I can’t seem to find the detail I thought you had mentioned. It was something about cutting up a certain size lumber piece and putting some kind of nails in it. Would you mind repeating that detail if you know what I’m talking about. I’m getting ready to go out and get all my supplies to paint my cabinets. Rustoleum Transformations ought to pay you commission :). Thanks!

  87. Looks amazing! Did you like the Restoleum cabinet transformation kit? There are so many tutorials out there with all the sanding and priming- do you really feel this is a good way to paint cabinets?

  88. Hey Jeanine. I used 2 saw horses, 2 1x4x8 pine boards, and 4 sheets of attic decking (super cheap) to make the table top, then put screws through the bottom so the doors would rest on the points. Kind of a pain to do but totally worth it in the end!

  89. I loved the Rustoleum Kit. I think it’s the best way for an inexperienced painter to paint cabinets. Should I ever need to paint cabinets again I will use my professional grade sprayer, but for those who do not have access to hundreds of dollars tools I think it’s a great product.

  90. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t realize you were down when I posted my question. I’m praying that you are feeling better!

  91. Hi Rachel,

    Your kitchen turned out very pretty.

    I am about to paint my cabinets and wanted to ask you what made you go for Rostoleum instead for e.g. ASCP? I saw that you used chalk paint on other projects.

    Thank you!


  92. Hey Daniela,
    I’ll be honest, I hadn’t used ASCP before when I started this project back in February and even worse was I had no idea you could paint cabinets. I thought it was exclusively furniture paint (way to think outside the box, right?). I still feel that I made the right decision. While I LOVE ASCP I don’t think I would want the wax finish on my cabinets. I can’t say for certain but it just seems like a lot of surface to wax and buff. I don’t think I would change my mind about the Rustoleum even now having used ASCP many times.
    Are you considering using ASCP on your cabinets?

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  94. I opt for white painted cabinets but an alternative option is a chocolate glaze over the white so that it gives the furniture an antiqued flair.

  95. I am researching to paint my kitchen cabinets. I was wondering if I used a sprayer, what type of paint would be best to use? I thought about the Rustoleum Kit, but, I really don’t want brush marks and I want to use a specific color of white. Any suggestions?

  96. I am researching to paint my kitchen cabinets. I was wondering if I used a sprayer, what type of paint would be best to use? I thought about the Rustoleum Kit, but, I really don’t want brush marks and I want to use a specific color of white. Any suggestions?


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  98. Someone has too much time on their hands- get a job!!!

  99. I’m so impressed! So glad I stumbled onto your makeover site. I have been trying to decide if I dare try to paint my med. brown old wood cabinets white like yours, for the same reason! Got a med. brown beautiful bamboo flooring in kitchen now, and want to get new counter and backsplash, but the cabinets are so bland with the new floor! I can’t afford new cabinets, but can’t select a new counter/backsplash until I know if the cabinets will stay the same, or get a new white coat of paint! You’ve given me courage to go for it! Thanks! You did a great job! It makes a huge difference!

  100. Nikki Huckaby says:

    I was looking for ideas for my own kitchen and stumbled upon this. You did an amazing job and make it seem like a realistic possibility! It truly is a lovely change, but like someone else said, I didn’t think the before was so bad either! Going to show this to hubby and hope he goes for the white! Thank you for the inspiration!

  101. How much did the new flooring cost? Just wondering…

  102. I love the kitchen, it’s beautiful. This is a weird question, but who did you floors and if you don’t mind how much was it? I love them and my hubby doesn’t want to spend the money to have it done so I’m been trying to figure out other ways of getting new flooring.

  103. Hi Rachel,

    Your project is so beautiful. I absolutely love the professional looking result. I was wondering if you used paint brushes or rollers? I’m starting my kitchen this week and am wondering how you got such a clean, smooth finish without using a sprayer (I really don’t want to spend the $$$ on one if I can get great results without it)


  104. Wow! What a transformation! It looks beautiful! I have been thinking about painting my cupboard doors for a while, I have just painted the tiles which looks great and I’m now inspired to get on with the cupboards! Thank you. p.s. I love the rug xx

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  110. sonja lemau says:

    Totally inspired. Just found your blog….love the kitchen transformation. I’m in process of mine and was just going to look at products to paint my cabinets! Awnsered right here, thanx!

  111. KiawahBlue says:

    LOVE the cabinets and how you jazzed up your island as well. Thanks for the great ideas and the detailed how-to’s! I was also wondering where you found your bar stools? I love those, they would be perfect in my kitchen :) Thank you!

  112. Denise E says:

    WOW – Quite inspiring!! I have to ask how everything is holding up after one year of wear and tear? I am seriously thinking about taking on this project but don’t want to be disappointed 5 years down the road.

  113. Just pinned this because of how you transformed your dining room! The kitchen is fantastic, of course, but you turned a depressing alcove dining room into a really attractive, cozy ROOM with the wainscoating, paint, and drapery change. Thanks for sharing all your hard work and creativity.

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    coconut oil pulling the itching and flaking too.
    Long chain fatty acids are metabolized and digested.

  115. I’d purely tell you all “awesome information”

  116. Rachel,
    Love it! I want to do mine now! Did you do the white kit unglazed? Did you sand or use the deglosser?
    This is the best kitchen transformation in terms of time and budget! FABULOUS! More details on the process please.


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