Painted Birch Tree Mural {How To} -

Painted Birch Trees Paper Bunting Nursery

For the life of me I could not decide on a theme for the nursery. Like seriously. I drew up a bunch of adorable zoo animals and framed them and then changed my mind. I bought a bunch of dog themed artwork that I found around town and then changed my mind. I love woodland […]

We Need New Carpet {We Have New Carpet!} -

New Carpet New Cribs

Haha I didn’t really know what to call this post… We got new carpet?? Well we did! But first I want to show you why. *looks ashamed* Just so you know, all of the above yuckies are gone for good throughout our entire house! Just for reference am I even showing you this… because lets […]

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful {Crown Molding} -

Crown Molding Corner Blocks

Now that we have the door situation taken care of, and 3 fresh coats of paint on the walls it’s time for the crown molding! Best part about painting before crown molding? You don’t have to worry about the seam between the walls and the ceiling. +1 for laziness! Are you excited? I’m excited. All […]

Replacing A Closet Door {How To} -

Caulked and Painted New Closet Door

Hello everyone! As promised here is my easy breezy (not kidding) tutorial on how to replace a closet door! So here is the offender. Basically we have a small “walk in” closet in our nursery which would be not-so-small if the door didn’t open into the closet. Like so. Basically in opening and closing the […]

Best of 2012 {Happy New Year} -

April Monthly Collage 12

I figured the best way to start off 2013 would be to look back at 2012 and set goals for the new year. Not necessarily resolutions, because, well, let’s be honest, those never work ;) I started this blog as a means of showing my friends and family exactly what “DIY” meant to me. They […]

Happy New Year {Plus A Surprise} -

20 weeks

*blows the dust off her keyboard* Hello everyone!! I’m popping in really quickly to wish everyone a happy new year. I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday thus far and those of you up north are safe and sound in your pack of snow :) My husband and I have been busy bees working […]

My Pregnancy {The Good & The Bad} -

15 weeks photo

Hello? (echo echo echo). Hi everyone :) It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Yeah, like a long while. I could keep you here all day reading about the trials and tribulations of my pregnancy thus far but I’ve decided to just keep it short and sweet. My morning sickness was/is a nightmare. I take each day […]

Handmade Cards In 3 Steps {David Tutera Celebrate} -

David Tutera Happy Birthday Card

Tap tap tap… is this thing on? Holy moly what a month it has been. Unfortunately not all of it good. I for one have been veeeeeeery sick. Like seeing lots and lots of doctors and daily phone calls and threats of hospital visits, etc. To say the least this pregnancy has been no cake […]

Confession Time {3 Little Beans} -

Triplet First US

Hello my lovelies! I have missed you all so terribly much that words cannot describe. I have some incredible news to share with you though. For those of you who have been following my Infertility Story (which hasn’t been updated for a while for a reason) there is a new chapter. We are expecting triplets!! […]

Not Feeling Well -


Yes, for the second time this summer I am not feeling well. I have been sleeping 10+ hours a day and not eating very well. I’m spending most of the day just lounging around feeling like garbage. I hate to be missing posts but my doctor has asked for me to take it easy and […]