We Need New Carpet {We Have New Carpet!} -

Haha I didn’t really know what to call this post… We got new carpet??

Well we did! But first I want to show you why.

*looks ashamed*

How to tell you need new carpet

Just so you know, all of the above yuckies are gone for good throughout our entire house! Just for reference am I even showing you this… because lets face it. It’s gross.

Our house is only 3.5 years old and yet it has seen a lot of use. At one point we had 3 very large dogs living here and this was their bedroom. So you betcha any time someone got muddy paws this room took the brunt of it. You can see in the photo on the left where a desk and one of those plastic carpet covers for your chair used to be because the carpet is still it’s original color. The rest is. well. mud.

Oh and then there’s that spot called “Me.” Yeah, that was Me vs. a can of Kilz oil based primer. Once I tripped over it and saw what I had done I just shrugged. No way I was going to get oil based anything out of carpet without destroying my carpet cleaner. It just added to the reasons why we needed new carpet ;)

New Carpet Fresh Slate

So after a lot of shopping and price comparing we settled on HGTV Home carpet from a local flooring company. It’s a low pile loop, meaning it looks more like a crocheted sweater than a raggedy ann doll. It seemed to us it would be easier for babies to learn to walk on and also play on. We got a super upgraded pad to give it lots of cushion and chose a medium greige tone. I didn’t want anything too light since everyone knows “boys will be boys” and there will be messes.

New Carpet New Cribs

Just to throw in a little reality check… we set these up.

Yeah, how’s THAT for intimidating??

Double trouble people! I can’t wait to show you the finished room!

I’m kind of a proud Momma :)



  1. The room is looking great…can’t wait to see the finished room and the lil guys running around! You are almost there!

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