No Sew Curtains {How To} -

How To Make No Sew Curtain Panels
What you will need:
(my panels are 92″ each x Qty. 4)
Stitch Witchery
(or other brand of fabric bonding tape)
Curtain Clips
(1 pack per panel)
Steam Iron
Ironing board
(or flat heat resistent surface)
Measuring tape
Rag and bowl of water
Let’s get started!
First you will want to ensure that the fabric store has given you the correct amount of fabric, because once you cut it they will not allow returns. The fabric I chose was Muslin but really any type of fabric will work just keep in mind the way it will look when it hangs. If it is a really stiff or light fabric it make look awkward hanging as curtains and require weights. I love Muslin because it’s a natural woven cotton and has lots of character and falls really well and it has a good weight to it without blocking the sun.
Once you are sure you have received the proper amount of fabric, begin measuring your panels.
I have 2 windows side by side so I will be making 4 panels total.
I measured my panel to 97″ with the intention of it being 92″ when finished. Why? Because, simply put, I cannot cut straight and I don’t know the proper way to cut fabric straight!
Here is the little trick I came up with though :)
Fold your fabric so that it is even, then cut off along the folded straight edge.
I’m sure there is a technique far superior to mine but let’s face it… I can’t sew and therefore anything related to fabric is pretty much an unknown to me.
Now that our fabric is good and straight it’s time to start sewing. I mean, stitching. I mean, ironing ;)
Set your iron to the “Wool” setting.
Lay your fabric out long ways on your ironing board.
Fold over a 1/2″ fold.
Then press.
Open the fold and insert Stitch Witchery into it’s crease.
Get your rag good and wet (it requires steam to seal the seam). Yes, I know I’m using fine crystal for a craft project but in my defense it was dusty and needed cleaning any way… it’s just water!! ;)
Place your rag over the seam using only half of your rag.
Steam your seam with your iron for ~10 seconds being sure not to move your iron, just place it down and let it set. After about two panels I got really bored and was singing and dancing so sometimes it would end up like 30 seconds… hehe.
Continue to press and go. Once you have dried one half of your rag, flip it and use the other side.
I found it was most efficient to use one half then the other then re-dip my rag. A mostly dry rag will not work very well and you will find yourself going back to re-steam areas. Wetter the better!
After you steam you should be able to tug on the fabric and it should not release. If you have gaps try more water and potentially a higher setting on your iron.
Eventually you will finish your sides, then hem your top and measure. You are measuring to see how much of your bottom hem you will need to bring up to give yourself the appropriate length. Hem the bottom hem using the same technique as before.
Then you will need to IRON your entire panel.
I might be a curtain nazi and it really irks me when people don’t iron their curtains.
What is the point in making/purchasing beautiful window treatments if you leave them with packaging wrinkles?? Ooooo it makes me cringe! Don’t be a Wrinkle Wilma!
Once you are hemmed and ironed, allow curtains to dry for several minutes and then add curtain clips.
****  If you don’t want curtain clips you will need to hem a loop for your rod. Lay your rod across your fabric, fold the fabric over the rod and measure. This will shorten your panels so if you are planning to make rod pockets, allow for that in your initial planning stages and measurements. ****
Now that you are pressed and clipped hang it up to keep those wrinkles at bay. I hung my panels one at a time as I finished them to ensure no wrinkles would come back.

No Wrinkle Wilmas here, just nice pretty pleats :)
The rest of the panels were just rinse and repeat. It took me an entire afternoon to finish these 4 panels.
Cost breakdown:
Curtain Clips – $8 (4 packs @ $2 each – on clearance!)
Stitch Witchery – $11 (3 packs @ $3.5 each)
Fabric – $26 (10.5 yards @ $4/yd + 40% off coupon)
Grand Total:
$45 or $11.25/panel
They’re exactly the right color, texture, everything. I think making them myself just meant that I knew exactly what I was getting instead of hoping to stumble upon the right panels at a store and then praying they have 4 panels for sale. I usually find the perfect panels but there’s only 3… Sigh.

You may be luckier than me but I have a feeling many of your are in the same boat… constantly on a quest to find the perfect curtains for a room and they just won’t present themselves.
This little project gave me the opportunity to be the maker instead of the hunter.
Love it :)
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Hello fellow thrifty blogger! I love your curtains.. I haven’t tackled sewing (someday soon I hope) so these no-sews are awesome!

  2. Yes, Looks easy but how about cleaning will they be washable?

  3. @Jan and others, whether the curtains you make will be washable or not will depend on the fabric you use. Use washable fabric, and you can launder depending on the instructions for that fabric. Use dry-clean-only fabric, and that’s how you will have to clean the curtains. According to Dritz, the maker of stitch witchery, it may be either washed or dry-cleaned. Just be aware that some fabrics may shrink their first time in the washer/dryer, so if you plan to wash them, best to wash and dry the fabric FIRST, before cutting, to “pre-shrink.” If you don’t do that, the finished curtains might shrink when you do wash them and be too short! If you use muslin, be aware that there are various kinds, and the 100% cotton will shrink, A LOT, first time you wash them. The website below might be helpful for those considering muslin.

  4. Hello, I was wondering what is the width of each panel? you mentioned you cut each length to 97″ but didn’t mention the width of each one. Thank you, Laurie

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