HELP {Furniture Advice Needed} -

I need help. I’m being indecisive again.
Remember Teal Tornadoes?
I found this little guy at a local thrift store.
I had the incredible, “it will never happen again”, opportunity to purchase Momma Tornado!
I found her on Craigslist being sold as a set with a headboard. I wrote the lady a very nice email asking her if she would be interested in selling just the dresser as I had no need for the headboard. Shockingly, she agreed! I think I squealed a little when I read her response AND she wanted less for it than I was prepared to pay given the circumstances. Score.
I knew that I was not going to paint them to match because it would take a tremendous amount of spray paint to finish this piece and I had a little trouble with the original project. 
So, as with anything I love… I started to paint it white.
In this photo it only has 1 coat of my Homemade Chalk Paint.
Today I had a serious adventure and rented a giant trailer and drove out to the middle of no where and bought a beautiful china cabinet. I cannot wait to share it with you.
However, in the fuss of bringing it home and having one of my wonderful neighbors (Thank you, David!) help me carry it into the garage I had to get all of this project’s drawers put away.
After I put all the drawers in I took a step back, and like a flash I remembered this piece:
It’s one of Michael & Jill @ Bless{ed} Nest‘s recent refinishes of an old modern danish dresser. 
I absolutely loved it when I saw it and then when I saw my dresser today… it was a “wait a minute” moment.
I really love how the white frame makes the drawers pop. 
I can’t decide if this is the right look for my piece though.
If I keep the drawers in their current state I will certainly want to do some sort of Rub N’ Buff treatment on the jewelry hardware.
Please help, I really can’t decide and my brain hurts :(
Night night!


  1. Muy bonito, me encanta!
    Very beautiful, it´s lovely!

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