Home Made Chalk Paint {ASCP Knock-Off} -

Everyone has heard about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, right?

No? (Go here.)

It is rumored to be the best furniture paint money can buy.

However! It’s ~$35-40 +S&H for a quart. Yes, I said QUART.

Well, we all know I’m a thrifty girl, right? (I like to think so!) There was no way I was going to spend $100 on a tiny little bit of paint. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not happening. So what does a thrifty girl do when faced with a non-thrifty need?

I googled it, and made my own :)

I got the original recipe from LizMarieBlog.com.

The mixture is:

1Cup of Flat Latex Paint
1Tbs of White, Non-Sanded Grout

Yup. It’s that simple.

I read a lot of different ways people are making chalk paint using non-sanded grout, plaster of paris, and calcium carbonate. I asked my hubs which of the three he believed would have the most adhesive properties and he said most likely the grout. After an hour or so of midnight surfing I decided I would try the grout recipe first. (I plan to try them all.)

Here is what you will need:

Solo cup (It’s not red. No singing! – I do love that song, hehe.)

Quart of your favorite color in FLAT (~$12)

White, Non-Sanded Grout (~$5)

220grit Sanding Block

Economy/Rough Bristle Brushes

Furniture Wax (AS-SW is recommended)

Mix the paint (1 cup) and non-sanded grout (1 tbs) then… stir your brains out (I even thought about using a blender then decided that would be a bad idea) until it’s smooth. There will be a few chunks here and there but you will brush them out when you apply the paint to your piece. Use your brush to liberally apply an even coat of your new chalk paint to a junky piece of furniture. I used this table as a guinea pig.

You do not need to sand or prime before application.

(Say what?? Yeah, I know. Excited yet?)

I scored it on a 50% furniture day at a local Thrift Store. Don’t those days rock?

Here she is after 1 coat :)

It’s amazing how lightening up the color revealed even more pretty details!

So soft and pretty. I am seriously in love. Missing drawer and all.

I’m kidding, the drawer was pulled out to paint ;)

After I applied 1 coat I had a few rough places.

Normally sanding latex is a nightmare right? It wants to peel and give you all kinds of grief?

Now here is the beauty of chalk paint…

Chalk paint does not peel.

It sands down to a smooth velvety texture.

It’s beautiful!

I sanded my rough patches (shown above) and reapplied my chalk paint.

Another beautiful thing about chalk paint? It is virtually brushless.

(That doesn’t make any sense, Rachel. It sounded better in my head.)

What I mean is, your brush strokes are barely visible.

So rad. (Yep, I said it again!)

I read, during my information gathering, that AS-SW (the wax) is worth the investment.

So I have decided to order some for myself. I’m getting the clear and dark wax.

At that point this little table will get it’s permanent finish.

In total I spent ~$18 and got the custom color I wanted.

A deal is a deal ;)

Stay tuned for the final reveal next week!

Have you tried a homemade chalk paint recipe other than this?

How pleased were you with the finish?

Did you use any other types of wax?

Until then!!




  1. Good for you! I think I will now make up a quart of my own ASCP. BTW get a good brush for the dark wax, especially. Go to an art store and look around.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Any suggestions or just ask around?

  3. I have to try this! We have at least 20 different colors of paint in the garage. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Anonymous says:

    just curious – what is AS-SW wax?

  5. Wow! So glad to find this! I am way to cheap(in a good way:) to spend that kind off $$ on paint. Maybe, I would if I refinished furniture for a living and could recoup the cost but……I have a can for flat yellow that I bought by mistake……really cute guy working the paint mixture at Lowes….anyway, I now know what to do with it!! Be sure and post about the wax…that stuff intimidates me so…my only experience with wax was on my car and my eyebrows…neither turned out very well…………

  6. I did this a few weeks back too! However I did blend mine on low in. a blender and out worked great

  7. Anonymous says:

    Annie Sloan Soft Wax

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can u pls guide me as I ve got loads of white latex paint but no other colour I want to make it grey then mix it with the grout to make it chalk paint? I love ur idea and am desperate to try it but don’t want to make a mistake.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I forgot to ask the real question how make my white paint into grey before making it into chalk paint

  10. This is great! I’m just a beginner at painting furniture so your blog is incredible and very helpful! I’ve heard great things about chalk paint, but I wonder what the difference is between it and chalkboard paint? I’ve used this recipe for making my own chalkboards but someone told me they aren’t the same thing. What do you think?

  11. Thank you THANK YOU!! I bought the Annie Sloan paint and paid the high price. The waxing was a killer to my arms and hands. On something I did not care about I tried a clear coat of matte finish in a spray can then put a very light coat of furniture wax on it. Worked just as good. Your chalk paint will save me hundreds I redo furniture everyday for others. Thanks again

  12. Anonymous says:

    Alison, Chalkboard paint is intended to make the area it is applied to, to be used as a chalkboard. It is basically just flat acrylic latex paint. Chalk paint has a gritty substance mixed in which adds smoothness, and better adhesion and has a unique look to it.

  13. Hilarious!!! Love it.

  14. to make grey you need black and white ( of course ) it depends what shade of grey you want but i recommend you start just with a tinny black ( lets said a coup of white mix a spoon of black ) and add more if you want it darker or viceversa until you get the color you want, just make sure you have enough to complete your project because its gonna be hard get the same shade twice..

  15. Have you ever tried NON-flat latex in this recipe? I love chalk paint, but I don’t always want the shabby, “dull” finish. Some pieces call for sheen! If anyone has tried this, please advise!

  16. Thank you for this idea. I have been tearing my hair out trying to find a reasonable alternative to the lovely but pricey Ms Stones chalk paint.

  17. This looked like such a great idea that I ran out and bought a box of non-sanded grout. The exact same one as shown in the picture, in fact. However, I am concerned after reading the precautions on the box that breathing in the dust is highly toxic (contains silica). Since I don’t want to wear a respirator when I sand, I think I will return it and try the calcium carbonate. Does anyone know whether or not calcium carbonate is dangerous to inhale? I will also try the baking soda recipe online.

  18. Monica zust says:

    I used the ascp for a corner hutch. Love love loved it! Now I’ve gone crazy but here is the secret I learned. Do NOT spend the money on the wax or wax brush! Just buy minwax and apply with cheesecloth. Polish off, going with the grain, with a clean white t-shirt. Works wonderful! Happy painting! My next project is a table and 6 chairs. Pretty soony whole house will be done! Love it!

  19. Marissa Cunningham says:

    thanks for all the tips!! I am definitely going to give it a try, just one question-can you use eggshell, or semi-gloss latex paint?

  20. I have used eggshell with no discernable difference in the outcome. I’m not sure about semi-gloss.



    My sister does a ton of refinishing old furniture (http://www.facebook.com/FayGraysonHome) and she told me that using high gloss paint will curdle :( But she does recommend using a final coat of latex only paint if you’re not going to try the wax – perhaps the final coat could be glossy?!

  22. I certainly suppose it could Natasha. The curdling makes sense I guess when you think about how elastic the paint is to have such a high sheen. If you weren’t planning to distress then I would really say to just paint like normal with a coat of primer and a coat of paint instead of making the mixture. Chalk paint is really ideal for an aged or weathered look. If you’re looking for glam and gloss stick to regular latex. Let me know if you try the glossy final coat or not!

  23. As an alternet to ASsW I have been using Briwax for years. I first got turned on to it from the store restoration hardware (which now doesn’t carry it and other products anymore) so I searched on line and found it on amazon for 11.00 a can. Whoo hoot used to pay 18.95. Free shipping here in two days and comes in 10 colors including clear. If its hot out you just refrigerate to harden. It’s the bomb. Works on everything and almost 100% beeswax. It works great on bright gold frames to antique them. The more you rub the top with a cloth the shinier it gets. I love it

  24. Joanne South FL says:

    I’ve never painted furniture, but I really want to try this on a table of mine. Do I need to wax after I am done? I want a completely matte finish, but also something that can be cleaned…
    Recommendations anyone?

  25. Marice Dittmar says:

    After finding out about ASCP I started looking into and was also shocked at the price so I did the same as you, made my own. I have done two pieces, one with grout and the other with plaster of paris and I used minwax paste wax on both. They both turned out beautiful but the other day I was driving along and saw a local place w/the Annie Sloan logo and I decided I would buy some samples pots to give it a fair shake. Well all I can say is it does dry a lot faster, but their claim that it goes so far is not true. One little $14 pot painted one kitchen chair! I was pretty disappointed and will continue to make my own.

  26. Marice Dittmar says:

    I have used nothing but satin paint because it’s what I had plus a sample quart at True Value Hardware is only $3.99 and at Sherwin Williams it’s $6 and they have both worked just great.

  27. Hey I love your site, all things country/antique/distressed I’m in love with! I just made my first attempt with homemade chalk paint and I used plaster of paris instead of grout, mixed with Behr satin finish paint. Worked great! Went on so nicely, way easier to work with than just regular paint, and totally can’t see the brush strokes! Will be using Minwax to seal coat the dresser I did as that’s what was readily available, hope it finishes it really nice. Thanks again! Oh one question, when sanding to smooth before putting the wax on, how do I keep it from getting streaky and white looking? I used a dark blue paint, and when I sand I can totally see it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, really want to finish the piece.

  28. I too have made my own chalk paint! I use 3 parts paint 1 part plaster of paris. I have tried several of these recipes and several different paints, but have found that the Behr paint+primer (1 sample size at $2.94 = 1 quart) works the best and I too love wax and have fallen in love with Bri-wax my grandfather used it and swore by it so I use it as well!!!And instead os sandpaper I use steel wool to sand that way you get no sanding lines! Good luck to all!!!!!

  29. Dawn Garbes says:

    I agree with Marcie. I bought a sample pot of ASCP and I was very dissappointed! It was the most expensive halp cup of paint I have ever bought. And I was lead to believe it would go much further than it did. I was ready to give up on chalk paint , but I think I will give this a try.

  30. Awesome i will be trying the steel wool for sure. Thanks so much! I was really at a loss so this is great!

  31. I have been using home made Chalk Paint and truly enjoy working with it. I did some shelves and a few little things, but Just Today I did my first real piece of furniture. I am going to be giving Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint a try as soon as it arrives. I found a site that sells samples. am also going to go with MMS waxes and Hemp oil too. They are not quite as expensive as ASCP products and since I can make my own ASCP it gives me the chance to experiement with MMSMP.

    I can be found at diygranny.blogspot.com (if you promise not to laugh haha!)

  32. Connie in Hartwood says:

    Just found this post on Pinterest. Over the past year and a half or so, I tried various recipes for diy matte paint … grout paint, plaster paint, etc. None of them come close to the results that I get when I use real, live CHALK paint. I’m not a brand snob, I just know what gives me the best results with the least amount of paint and frustration. Annie Sloan has the history to back up her paint formulas, and it’s the best I have used on furniture. No matter what gets added to latex paint, it’s still latex paint. My labor is worth something, and I quit wasting my time mixing up paint recipes that try to be something they’re not. Annie Sloan’s paint covers well, has no rough patches to sand out, and takes wax so well … a silky finish is almost guaranteed.

  33. Tonda Rae says:

    I am trying to decide whether to use the un-sanded grout or the plaster of paris to make DIY chalk paint. I would appreciate hearing what the pluses and minuses are for each mixture.
    I am doing a little table for my daughter and I only paid $3.00 for it on Craig’s list. Don’t feel like doing the expensive Anne Sloan paint.
    Thanks for your input.
    Tonda Rae

  34. I recently ventured into a little eclectic furniture shop where the two young ladies carry & use these products. Being a high end residential painter for 15 yrs and art savy, the first thing I thought was ‘ I know I can duplicate this product.’ I did purchase the original to use as a model. I have always use satin paint & gel stain on cabinets. It is more time consuming + drying time.

  35. siobhan says:

    Just tried my first project but accidentally bought gray grout . It came out a beautiful shade of gray!

  36. I tried this recipe and it worked great on the first coat. I let the piece dry and went back to do a second coat and found the paint to be the consistancy of plaster (VERY thick and non-spreadable). I added some water and tried to thin it but no success. Have you ever had this problem before?


  37. I have tried ASCP and I love everything about it, but not the price. I have also tried flat latex + plaster paris and I love the price, but sanding was not as easy and because of that the distressing was time consuming. After a lot of research I believe that ASCP is not really a new thing… and that it’s actually a 1:1 ratio of latex paint and gesso. Gesso is a canvas primer and you can buy it at Hobby Lobby or Michaels in the paint section. Use a 40% off coupon because the large bottle is like $25 but still a super cheap alternative to “real” ASCP.

  38. Some paint goes a long ways….LOL!

  39. I used ASCP to paint my kitchen cabinets. I was SO over the builders pine. I bought the real stuff because it was something that I really didn’t want to mess up! It worked lovely! I used Minwax finishing wax for natural wood (since I used old white and aged it just slightly). It was SO easy to use and the cabinets came out wonderfully. The one thing about ASCP I haven’t seen mentioned is the lack of smell. There is no awful smell so its perfect for things you can’t take outside…like cabinets or large dining tables. I have a small table that I want to do so I can’t wait to try your recipe! hooray! thanks for posting!


  40. I’ve heard that it’s easier to dissolve or mix the grout first in a few drops of water before adding it to the paint. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m definitely going to! There’s nothing better than chalk paint! :)

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  42. I learned so many interesting things from your post and the comments. I have tried the baking soda concoction (2 to 1 ratio) and it worked just fine but you must sand it – which makes the paint (I used bright orange) whitish. I think maybe a great alternative would be to do the first coat with the homemade recipe of your choice and the second coat with straight latex. That way there is no sanding and whitish color on your finished product. I think if you use a color like white or something light you won’t have this problem, but with a dark color you do. Im going to try the Briwax, as I use what the local hardware store had – Minwax – and wasn’t impressed. Im going to try the gesso alternative as suggested by another comment. There is also another chalk paint product called Maison Blanche. It has lots more color options and is comparable to AS. I think if I were to do something like my hutch or table (which I see in my future) I would choose to use Maison Blanche chalk paint because they have a Robins Egg blue that I absolutely love, but for small decorative projects I will continue to use the “faux” recipes.

  43. I drove 80 miles one way to track down and buy some AS paint. I was too chicken to mix my own and ruin a piece of furniture. Lol, I spent $200 on three cans of paint, two brushes & a wax! I seriously got sick to my stomach driving home the 80 miles thinking about all the money I had spent! And then I used the paint and was like, “Really? This is what all the fuss is about?” I make my own now, and will never again buy AS paint! I felt ripped off.

    I use the unsanded grout version and love, love, love it! Suggestions: unsanded grout at Home Depot comes in several colors. With time, add a few different colors of unsanded grout to your collection to get better colors! For example, you might consider buying a box of dark unsanded grout if you want to make a black chalk paint, as the white unsanded grout will make the black paint you add a very dark grey. Which will turn out beautiful, but is not black non the less. A large box of unsanded grout is only $12.87 and will last you a million years! I have a box of bright white and a box of dark grey unsanded grout and use according. The white for light colors and the dark grey for dark colors. I also use Walmart brand semi-gloss paint to make my paint. I alway buy a gallon. That way I have a cabinet of colors to turn to!

  44. I noticed you use Satin Paint have you mixed the grout with semi gloss?


  45. Hi Marissa Have you found anyone who uses semi gloss with the grout?


  46. I have eight tall dining chairs ( minus the seat part) and the table in my dining room and I am afraid it would take a ton of paint to do the project. I want the Annie Sloan stuff badly. But I am trying to justify that kind of spending. I guess if it was one piece of furniture, but I have a whole set to do. Any advice is good.

  47. Teri Broberg says:

    Hi Cherie, I recently painted my dining room furniture. I used Kansas Wheat by CeCe Caldwell. It is a little cheaper than Annie Sloan. I painted six chairs, two coats each, and also the drawers and doorfronts of both my sideboard and my china closet, two coats. I used only half a quart. I estimated that the project would take three quarts, so I have a lot left over. Even if I had painted the sides of the two large pieces, I wouldn’t have needed more than one quart.

    Are you painting the tabletop, or just the legs?

  48. I cannot wait to try the homemade version of the ASCP!! I’m just getting into repurposing old furniture and breathing new life into blah pieces. I’ve been researching the chalk paint and waxing and I’m stoked to try it… And really, if it messes up… Nothing sanding and a second try won’t fix ;)
    I think I’ll wear a surgical mask when I mix tho. I like my lungs ;)

  49. Oh, I also have a question about mixing gesso into the paint? Has anybody tried this??
    I’ve read somewhere in the sea of blogs that ASCP has an adhesive in it similar to gesso and I just wondered if anybody has tried adding it to HMCP?
    I think I will try it nonetheless..,

  50. With a little practice, you can mix acrylic primary colors into latex painr without a problem. White is a perfect base color to use.

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  57. Hi Ladies!
    I’ve never painted furniture and I’m going to splurge on ASCP but I can’t see spending so much on her brush. Am I wrong? Where else should I look a more inexpensive brush?? Again, this is all new to me and I’m looking to you pros for help! Ty!! :)


  1. [...] mastered you will love this stuff! The finish is completely matte and feels like velvet. Unlike my knock-off chalk paint recipe which had to be sanded to get rid of the roughness in the texture. I’m not saying I [...]

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