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Hello, hello!
I have been getting lots of compliments and even a few emails about my office makeover asking questions how I chose this and that and mostly centered around the staging of the bookcases. Since I recently re-did all of our book cases in the office and I thought I would share what I learned through the process!
Here is the before:
It’s pretty busy.
Lots of colors happening, and almost no cohesiveness except for the fact it is cohesively busy ;)
I started to one by one go through my books and pick and choose which would look more appropriate together instead of a mash of colors and sizes and hardbacks/paperbacks.
After sorting, and resorting, and then stealing from the bookcases in the living room (which now look like this. Sigh.) I decided to use all white books. Or at least mostly white.
I think having all the books stacked side by side was probably what was causing some of the busy-ness.
With a few recently spray painted accessories I began toning down the busy and cleaning up the clutter.
I hid all the DVD’s on the top shelf in two baskets.
Brought together a few accessories to help hide the printer and display the TV more as art than a TV.

The printer isn’t so printer-y anymore :)

This is my side of the built-ins with that dazzling 27″ iMac belonging to yours truly!

You can see here where I simply spray painted a few accessories I already had.

His side of the built-ins with the dual monitors for programming things that I don’t understand :)
Most of the accessories I have in here are thrift store finds. I would guess all together maybe $30 worth of thrifty finds reside in our office. I think it looks more sophisticated than $30 thrifty dollars though.
The key is to provide visual breaks between the shelves. Some people like the “there is a book in every square inch of this bookcase” look, but if you’re not one of those people, try to look for a theme or pattern for your bookcases. If you’re like me and don’t tend to re-read books very often, then just pick the pretty ones and box or donate the rest!
Accessories are your friend! 
They give each area a little bit of character and attract your eyes to stop at every shelf. 
Spray paint is your friend! 
It is very inexpensive to spray paint some accessories to make a color scheme more cohesive and complete.
Thrift stores are your friend! 
Even the sketchy ones! Just don’t leave your car doors unlocked ;)
You can find all kinds of bargains at a thrift store, they are just brimming with knick knacks and figurines for throw away prices. Try to shop with an “open” eye. Just because something might look tacky or cheap in it’s current state does not mean it might not look marvelous spray painted in a color of your choosing.
Let’s look back at the before:
Here is the after:
Get creative!
You never know what amazing organization can happen when you redecorate!


  1. I’m a sucker for spray paint and a craigslist/thrift store find myself! Love the elephant! Did you know an elephant with it’s trunk up is good luck?


  2. I did not know that and I love elephants! How did I not know this? Jeez! I have lots of elephants (maybe like 6) around the house with their trunks up. I should be brimming with good luck…I demand a do-over :)

  3. Looks beautiful! I hope I get inspired to do the same here. :-)


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